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Founded in 2004, CoffeeHouse Photo has specialized in capturing images in a style that is modern yet timeless, interesting and vibrant, with a focus on exhilarating moments and pure fun.

After years of development, CoffeeHouse has evolved into a Photo, Film & Art business group.

With the base in Hong Kong, CoffeeHouse Group has development it scope of business to various regions in Asia Pacific including China, Japan & Taiwan. 

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Andrew Wong (王錦輝) , founder of CoffeeHouse Group, is a professional photographer and music video director in Hong Kong and China. Andrew also acts as the creative director for various art projects.


Andrew has worked with local and international artists, such as Lady Gaga, YoYo Ma, Koji Tamaki & Sekai No Owari. He has taken nearly 500 concert shows for his photography career. Andrew was appointed as the only exclusive official photographer ( both front stage and backstage ) , to have the complete coverage of LadyGaGa during in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ( HSBC ) has invited Andrew Wong and his CoffeeHouse Photo Team to be the official working partner when designing the layout of the “HSBC 150th Anniversary Banknote”. Andrew and his team produced quality photo to use as the main artwork in the 150th anniversary banknote.


In additional to commercial production, Andrew has produced various art projects. “LET THEREBE LIGHT” exhibition, which featuring many of the artistic people, received great response in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The “LET THEREBE LIGHT” is a photography project covering people from all walks of lives by showing the charisma of each person.


Andrew is also the Creative and Film Director for many singer artists in Hong Kong and China. Andrew and his CoffeeHouse Film team have provided numerous video production services in Hong Kong and China.

Tel: +852 9624 8735

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